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My girlfriend and I decided to check out this brewpub, , when we were in Kansas City. It is located in a very people friendly area with people walking on the streets to different restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. The place was packed and we decided to sit on the patio instead of indoors. We didn’t have to wait but 15 minutes so we decided to try a flight while we waited.

The flight consisted of Hogpound Brown Ale, Landing Light Lager, Newcomb’s IPA, Oatmeal Stout , Raspberry Wheat and the Unfiltered Wheat. Karen really enjoyed the Brown Ale and the Light Lager. The Raspberry Wheat was good, but not our type of beer. The Unfiltered Wheat was a true unfiltered and it seemed to be a bit overcarbonated. Oatmeal Stout was very nice as it was very creamy and smooth. It was my 2nd favorite beer that we tried. My favorite was the IPA. The smell of the hops was outstanding and the taste was very hoppy. The color was almost red and it was a good strong ale. Just what the Bishop ordered!

The food was terrific. We started with the Artichoke Dip and it came with their fire roasted salsa on the side. Also the Dip had olives in it, which made the dip amazing. This is my favorite Artichoke Dip that I have had yet. I had the Real McCoy Hickory Burger while Karen had the Reuben. Both were outstanding and very filling. The service was good too. While they were very busy, our waitress checked on us timely and when we were ready to leave, she had our ticket to us in no time.

If we are ever back in Kansas City, we are definitely going back. I suggest you pop in when you are in KC and you will not be disappointed.

Food                  5 Dancing Livers
Atmosphere     4 Dancing Livers
Beer                   4 Dancing Livers
Service              4 Dancing Livers
Total                 4.25 Dancing Livers